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Sinclair Construction has learned from years of experience that the right approach is honest, collaborative and proactive, and supported by a refined aesthetic that we have developed by working on many challenging projects.  An honest, realistic and transparent assessment of costs, for example, gives our clients greater price certainty. Early team collaboration, when teamed with creative, proactive problem solving, can help us maximize quality and avoid significant problems down the road.

Remodeling requires a different expertise than new construction. We are skilled at tying together the old and new and making it work functionally and aesthetically. We are also good at finding graceful solutions to the unexpected glitches that come up during the remodeling process. This includes resolving design flaws before they get built.

Our remodeling and renovation specialists guarantee that our clients will never have to worry about their home being disrupted for an unnecessary amount of time. We practice time efficiency and make the experience the least intrusive as possible.

What differentiates us from our competitors is that we have project management protocols that keep our clients in the loop at all times. Most problems with local remodelers and home addition contractors occur because of a breakdown in communication. We make sure we clarify what your goals are, use excellent organizational and communication protocols to insure we are on the same page and owners are well informed about progress, costs, etc.


When you select Sinclair Construction for your project you can expect:

  • Every project will begin with a bid that is clear, easy to read and complete with no hidden costs.

  • We will manage construction costs, schedules, and quality control based on your budget, timelines, and specific needs.

  • Clear and direct communication with you, and adequate responses to your needs to ensure the success of your project.

  • During construction we will continuously review and pay close attention to the quality, detail, and accuracy of our work through each phase of your project.

  • Experience with high-end materials, fixtures, appliances, and custom design features.

  • We have a team of highly skilled and experienced employees. We have an in-house NKBA-Certified Designer that will help with all of your kitchen & bath needs.

  • All of our Contractors are fully bonded and insured. Sinclair Construction itself carries Liability Insurance so that everyone is fully covered.

  • We do not consider a project complete until our clients are satisfied! The most important consideration in selecting us for your project is the references of our clients. Our love for our work and the total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is supported by our past performances.

We like to work with architects and designers who share our design philosophies.


  • We believe creating harmony in the home is the foundation of creating a dream home.

  • We believe good design is intrinsic to good living.

  • We believe in the marriage of aesthetics and practical benefits.

  • We believe we are caretakers of a client’s dreams and investment.

  • We believe in utilizing ingenuity and resourcefulness within every budget parameter.

  • We believe great design collaboration is the result of great communication.


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